Business Breakfast

The next West Cheltenham Business Breakfast will be on Wednesday 15th January and will feature a presentation by Caroline Eardley of Active Impact. We’ll be given an insight into the work of the charity which provides opportunities for disabled and non-disabled young people together.

The groups is free to attend but if you’d like one of Jim’s hearty breakfasts it’ll cost you £5….the coffee and cakes are pretty good too.

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Community Development Articles

We have selected interesting articles and videos from a variety of community development projests from all over the world from the online magazine builder Flipboard. They include stories from Belfast about community grants, from an aboriginal community in Australia regarding a resident led infrastructure project,  case studies from the British Institute of Human Rights and from two cities in USA plus a TED talk from Cormack Russell about Asset based community development.

View my Flipboard Magazine.


Redevelopment of Springbank Shops

Since the consultation event on 11th November Newland Homes have produced more detailed plans for the redevelopment of the Springbank shopping centre. The proposals include 34 properties ranging from 1 bed appartments to 4 bed houses. They will be located on Pilgrove Way to the North and Springbank Way to the South. Space has been made available to the East of the site should a road be deemed valuable in the future.

See plans and elevations below;

For further details see Newland Homes website.

Development of West Cheltenham

The recent announcements in the press about the Joint Core Strategy (JCS) inspection look like they will have a significant impact on the west Cheltenham area.  The land to the west of Fiddlers Green has been earmarked for a 45 hectare business park with a focus on high tech companies potentially linked to the cyber security world of GCHQ. To the west of Springbank on what is now farmland is a proposal for 500 or more residential properties. If you would like more information please take a look at the JCS link above

A discussion will also take place regarding the new Cheltenham Plan Part 1 draft . This will also have implications for the west of Cheltenham.

West Cheltenham Neighbourhood Plan

After a period of 13 weeks of public consultation and against the advice of planning officers Cheltenham Borough Council decided not to designate the proposed West Cheltenham Neighbourhood Plan or Forum. The grounds cited for this decision were as follows;

“The Council considers that the submitted forum application has been made for an area which is not appropriate as a neighbourhood area. The area cuts across ward boundaries and includes a number of separate communities, which would reduce community cohesion. The Council considers that because the area applied for is not agreed as constituting an appropriate area, the membership of the applied for forum cannot be found to comply with Section 61F(5) of the Town and Country Planning Act 1990 part (c); having a membership of “a minimum of 21 individuals each of whom lives in the neighbourhood area concerned”

The Forum will meet to discuss the way forward on Wednesday 18th January at 5.30pm.

Springbank Boundary Changes

As you may be aware owing to the proposed reduction in the number of parliamentary seats and therefore the number of MPs the Boundary Commission has been asked to redraw the electoral ward boundaries. The result of the proposed changes will mean that your address may be in a new electoral area; this is the case in parts of Springbank. This proposed change is for parliamentary boundaries only and will only effect the election of a member of parliament. If you would like to see the proposed new boundaries or make a comment please see the link below; Deadline for comments has passed