Business Breakfast

The next West Cheltenham Business Breakfast will be on Wednesday 15th January and will feature a presentation by Caroline Eardley of Active Impact. We’ll be given an insight into the work of the charity which provides opportunities for disabled and non-disabled young people together.

The groups is free to attend but if you’d like one of Jim’s hearty breakfasts it’ll cost you £5….the coffee and cakes are pretty good too.

Here are our next speaker meetings;

  • January 25th; Active Impact Caroline Eardley; working collaboratively with the disabled and able bodied.
  • February 22nd Heads Up Cheltenham a project to support better understanding of mental health
  • March 29th GEM Project supporting the most vulnerable people unemployed people who face multiple barriers to work

If you would like further information please contact Andy or Jenny on 01242 575638 or 01242 226282



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