Business Breakfast on 28th March 8-9am featuring Purple Shoots.

The next Business Breakfast on 28th March 8-9am will feature a presentation from Mike and Lesley from Purple Shoots.

Purple Shoots help bring together and start self-reliant groups (SRGs). These groups aim to help their members develop skills and confidence in an atmosphere of mutual trust and support, and hopefully to develop income-generating ideas which will help transform their lives.

What does an SRG look like?

They are small groups (5-10 people) who are from a local community and have a similar background and who want to make differences in their lives. Each group meets regularly and members agree their own aims and common purposes, but they follow the principles of self-help, supporting each other and working together. They save small amounts of money regularly together, and they seek to build on shared interests, or to learn new skills together. Purple Shoots will help the groups get going and will be there to offer help and advice – but the groups will run and grow themselves. If the groups develop a business idea which needs a small loan, Purple Shoots can offer the funds for this.

Purple Shoots works closely with Wevolution, a Scottish charity which sets up SRGs in the same way – to see some of their success stories follow this link:

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