KGV public art project

Saturday 11th February

We are very pleased to announce that the long delayed KGV public art project is due to recommence! Workshops with artist Rob Olins are planned at Rowanfield Junior School for school pupils and at Hesters Way Library for the general public. The library workshop will take place during opening hours between 10am and 1pm on Saturday 11th February so if you have an artistic side or simply want to suggest some ideas feel free to drop in.

The art piece will be designed by Rob in the coming months based on ideas and inspiration from the local community. The medium employed and style of the artwork chosen will be determined to some extend by the limitations posed by installation in the park but it is hoped that community members will be able to get hands on in the project.

As you can see from Rob’s website he has been involved in lots of projects all over the country and favours a collaborative approach which most impressed the Public Art Panel. The piece has been commissioned by Cheltenham Borough Council from a planning agreement with Markey Builders and Glos Coll associated with the construction of student accommodation on Devon Avenue.

For more information please contact Andy Hayes at HWP

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