Hesters Way Partnership runs a variety of meetings at Hesters Way Community Resource Centre (unless otherwise stated below) to connect and strengthen our community. They are divided into;

  • Company meetings (personnel and finance and directors meetings)
  • Providers meeting (children and young people’s meeting ) and
  • Community meetings (a full partnership meeting, community safety meeting, neighbourhood co-ordination and development plan meetings –  open to the public)

The dates for 2018 are in the table here and more details can be found below.



The partnership facilitate meetings on behalf of the Hesters Way Forum (HWF) at the Hesters Way Community Centre every month months. The resident led group is preparing a plan for the local area which will deliver local visions and aspirations. See the link above for further details of meetings, agendas and the work achieved to date.

The HWF has a facebook page and twitter feed whgich can be accesses from here;

Next meeting; 23rd July 5.30pm – 7pm @ Hesters  Way Community Resource Centre

To see information about agendas, minutes and progress pelase visit the Forum website


We hold quarterly meetings in each of the two districts for which we have responsibility. Meetings are attended by a variety of statutory and voluntary bodies plus representatives of local residents groups and concerned individuals.

We have successfully tackled numerous local issues from dog fouling to drug dealing by adopting collaborative solutions involving community members wherever possible. We have also sought to engage with a wider section of the community through our Community Soapbox and Mobile Soapbox initiatives.

Rachel Shingler, the Partnership Secretary invites attendees and performs all the necessary administrative duties. If you have any queries please contact  Jenny


Thursday 11th October 2018 10.30am – 12.30pm @ Hesters Way Community Centre

For agendas and minutes see here;



Hesters Way Partnership has been running the West Cheltenham business break fast since June 2013. The group meets at the JTs Café in the Community Resource Centre on the last Wednesday of most months. Its a very friendly meeting with no joining fee and offers a chance for you to meet local business folk, exchange ideas and contacts. Any one form a local business, sole trader or charity is welcome to attend; breakfasts cost £5 but if you prefer just a coffee then that’s fine too!

  • Forthcoming Speaker meetings JTs Cafe Hesters Way Community Resource Centre 8-9am

September 26th featuring Urszula Przybysz-Pereira ‘Productivity and Wellbeing in Workplace


The partnership hold quarterly open meetings for providers of services for children and young people. We discuss key issues brought to the meeting by partners including local schools, youth groups, youth and community organisations.

Next meeting Thursday 27th September 2-4pm 2018

Agenda;  TBC

Minutes; CYP Minutes 24 May 2018

CYP Minutes 22 Feb 2018

CYP Minutes 7 Dec 2017

CYP Minutes 28th Sept 2017


The partnership hold 3 open meetings per year including our AGM which usually takes place in November. We discuss the work of local partners including Cheltenham Borough Homes the Police and key local organisations and residents.

Next meeting Monday 19th November 2018 6pm – 7pm

Agenda; TBC

Minutes; Partners minutes 16 07 18

Partners and Community Safety minutes 19 03 18

Partners minutes 20 11 17

Partners minutes 17 07 17

Partners minutes and CCSP report 20 03 17

Partners Minutes 21 11 16


The partnership holds its AGM in November every year. We give an overview of successes challenges and future opportunities whilst also signing off the annual accounts .

Monday 19th November 2018 5.30pm – 6pm  Hesters Way Community Resource Centre.



Minutes 2017 AGM minutes 20 11 17   Report  Partnership AGM Report November 17

Minutes 2016 AGM minutes 21 11 16 final  Report  AGM Report November 16 PDF


We hold 6 directors meeting per year, 3 long and three shorter ones including the AGM. Details of the meetings are sent out to directors only.

Next meeting  Monday 17th September 2018  5.00 – 6.30pm at Hesters Way Community Resource Centre


We hold 10 meetings annually usually on the second Monday of the month (excluding August and December) with our dedicated team of three directors and management. The group has authority to tackle all minor financial affairs and escalates more significant issues directly to the Board of Directors according to an agreed protocol. Jenny Perkin, the Partnership Secetary invites directors to attend and performs all the necessary administrative duties. If you have any queries please contact her.

Next meeting Monday, 10th September 2018 4.20pm – 6.00pm Gloucester Road

Agenda, minutes and relevant papers; Sent by email to committee members