Viewpoint Spring 2018

We at Hesters Way Partnership  are keeping the West Cheltenham residents up to date with all that’s best in the area via the VIEWPOINT Spring 2018.

We will happily visit your event, promote your new project or give you a little extra publicity if you are strengthening our community.

The Viewpoint magazine is distributed in the local area via schools, shops, community centres and other outlets happy to stock them. We also have a door to door service provided by volunteers. We offer as broad a coverage of the local area as our resources allow. If you would like to help us with distribution, even if its only to your street, please let us know and we will supply copies. Thanks! or contact the Hesters Way Partnership office: 01242 575638 / 228262

Free copies of our Hesters Way Directory 2015 can be picked up at Hesters Way and Springbank Community Centres and an updated 2018 version of the magazine and the new map can be downloaded here.

Purple Shoots at Business Breakfast 28th February 8-9am

The next Business Breakfast on 28th February 8-9am will feature a presentation from Mike and Lesley from Purple Shoots.

Purple Shoots help bring together and start self-reliant groups (SRGs). These groups aim to help their members develop skills and confidence in an atmosphere of mutual trust and support, and hopefully to develop income-generating ideas which will help transform their lives.

What does an SRG look like?

They are small groups (5-10 people) who are from a local community and have a similar background and who want to make differences in their lives. Each group meets regularly and members agree their own aims and common purposes, but they follow the principles of self-help, supporting each other and working together. They save small amounts of money regularly together, and they seek to build on shared interests, or to learn new skills together. Purple Shoots will help the groups get going and will be there to offer help and advice – but the groups will run and grow themselves. If the groups develop a business idea which needs a small loan, Purple Shoots can offer the funds for this.

Purple Shoots works closely with Wevolution, a Scottish charity which sets up SRGs in the same way – to see some of their success stories follow this link:

Easter Eggstravaganza Raffle Prize Request

We’ve had a great response form stallholders for this years event and are now fully subscribed so thanks to every one who’s offered to come along.

As regular attendees will know we have a free to enter raffle at the event so if you would like to offer us a prize that would be much appreciated. So far Explore Learning have offered a month’s free pass to their shop in the Gallagher Retail Park and the Scouts have come up trumps too.

If you’d like to donate a prize please contact us on 

Stallholders for Easter Eggstravaganza Roll Up!

If you would like to run a stall at the forthcoming Easter Eggstravaganza event on March 24th please let us know. Local groups can showcase their activities  free of charge. We’re expecting the usual big turn out so why not drop us a line and book up!

The event features a free to entre raffle so if you’d like to offer a prize that would be much appreciated!


Hesters Way Neighbourhood Planning meetings

The steering group for the Hesters Way Plan are delighted to announce the first of the consultation meetings for the new neighbourhood development plan. The meeting will take place at the Hesters Way Community Resource Centre on Monday 29th January from 5.30-7pm.

If you are intersted in joining the group and finding out how you can help with the planning process then come along. More information and an agendas will be available in the New Year.

Neighbourhood Forum Designation Notice HW Forum

West Cheltenham Directory 2018

We have worked with partner agencies and local residents to develop a directory of resourses for the West Cheltenham area. These include parks and gardens, sports clubs and societies, community buildings, councillors names and contact details for everything our partners get up to !

West Cheltenham Directory 2018

Thanks to all those organisations who supplied new or updated details for the directory. If you notice errors or would like to suggest new inclusions or revisions please let us know and we’ll update as soon as we can!

Click here here to see a map of all the directory entries. To navigate the map choose the sections you are interested in on the left hand key.

Savers Store opening soon

From the look of the shopfront it appears that the new Savers store will be opening very soon. Coronation Square shops are looking increasingly full with new additions including The Britsh Heart Foundation making the shops a place to visit. To add to the festuve spirit local traders will be celebrating Christmas with a lights switch on this Friday 8th December from 6pm.  All welcome!