Winter 2017 Viewpoint Magazine

We at Hesters Way Partnership (HWP) are keeping the West Cheltenham residents up to date with all that’s best in the area via the VIEWPOINT Winter 2017 .

We will happily visit your event, promote your new project or give you a little extra publicity if you are strengthening our community.

The Viewpoint magazine is distributed in the local area via schools, shops, community centres and other outlets happy to stock them. We also have a door to door service provided by volunteers. We offer as broad a coverage of the local area as our resources allow. If you would like to help us with distribution, even if its only to your street, please let us know and we will supply copies. Thanks! or contact the Hesters Way Partnership office: 01242 575638 / 228262

Free copies of our Hesters Way Directory 2015 can be picked up at Hesters Way and Springbank Community Centres and an updated 2018 version of the magazine and the new map can be downloaded here.

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